Short Story Collections

Searching for Nada

J.J. Haas presents a soul-searching cast of characters trying to find out who they are and where they fit in the universe. A man takes a long journey to a foreign country only to come face to face with himself. Two soul mates find each other in spite of the layers of technology that separate them. A recently divorced man helplessly watches as his body starts to disappear before his very eyes. In these and many other short stories and flashes, J.J. Haas examines the humor and grace that it will take for humanity to transcend its past and survive into the future.

Welcome to Sugarville

In the town of Sugarville, a small suburb outside Atlanta, Georgia, life couldn’t be more normal. One man schedules a doctor’s appointment, another receives a mysterious package, and another quits his job to prepare for an apocalypse that may or may not come. Ordinary events in ordinary lives, or so it would seem. With each story comes a new layer of intrigue that charms as much as it chills, each What if? answered to its fullest and darkest consequence.

In God Helps Those Who Help Themselves, a devastating drought tests the limits of one man’s thirst. The Last Known Believer follows the Rapture as it goes not quite according to plan.

J.J. Haas stuns and delights with this engaging volume of original short stories, relying on a wry wit that explores each sinister twist and turn the human spirit has to offer.

"Welcome to Sugarville, a mythical town in the northeast suburbs

of Atlanta where the past, the present, and the future collide and

residents embark on spiritual journeys to find themselves."

Available April 9, 2018

Individual Short Stories

“A Career Procrastinator.” First published in Opium Magazine.

“A Frank Discussion.” First published in The Literary Hatchet.

 “A Model Citizen.” First published in The Pedestal Magazine.

“A Square Peg in a Round Hole.” First published as “Immortality Street” in Bewildering Stories.

“An Eternal Moment.” First published in Gold Dust.

“Bobby Sherman Saved My Life.” First published in Edifice Wrecked.

 “Cacophony of the Spheres.” First published in Baen’s Universe.

 “Calling in Sick.” First published in Opium Magazine.

“Immortal Night.” First published as “Spin Degrees of Freedom” in Eclectica Magazine.

 “Searching for Nada.” First published in The God Particle.

“Setting the World to Rights.” First published in The Literary Hatchet.

“Shadows at Dusk.” First published in Shenandoah.

“The Author of the Universe.” First published in Yankee Pot Roast.

“The Bag Man and the Bag Lady.” First published in the Short and Twisted Christmas Anthology.

 “The Civilized World.” First published in Bewildering Stories.

 “The Last Book.” First published in Bewildering Stories.

“The Package.” First published in Whispers of Wickedness.

“The Scientist and the Little People” First published in Bewildering Stories.

 “The Snow Globe.” First published in Serendipity.

“The Theory of Doors.” First published in The Literary Hatchet.

 “Things Not Seen.” First published in Found: Fiction & Poetry Anthology.