Praise & Accolades


“Spin Degrees of Freedom” received a Notable Story of the Year Award in StorySouth’s Million Writers Award Contest.

 “Immortality Street” received an Editor’s Choice Award from Bewildering Stories.

“Cacophony of the Spheres” received an Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection.


“Wow! I was enraptured throughout, and very impressed. More, Mr. Haas, please.”
— NetGalley

“[J.J. Haas] does a fantastic job of getting into people’s heads, using psychology to examine how different people react in various situations, how we process the world and the information around us, and, ultimately, what can make someone snap. Through clear and highly effective writing, each self-contained story shines on its own. Together, they display humanity’s collective dirty laundry. Sometimes dark, usually unsettling, the writing seeps with irony and despair, focusing on the dark space where our minds and hearts meet but don’t always agree.”
— US Review of Books

“Sugarville [is] a bright-looking place that is actually a dark suburb of the Twilight Zone…issues of modern identity–mistaken, uncertain, lost and found create the book’s dark, yet sometimes humorous story cycle….[Welcome to Sugarville is] an introduction to a clever and promising author…”
— IndieReader

“J.J. Haas blends the past with the present, the supernatural with the mundane, Christianity and spirituality with the non-believers, all of whom struggle in their every day lives. A series of interconnected short stories, focusing on the citizens of a town cursed by the past, a past that refuses to forgive or forget. Welcome to Sugarville is an intriguing fusion of mystery, thriller, vengeance, and the supernatural.”
— The Reading Cafe